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Fiberglass and nonwoven are widely used in the following aspects.


Fiberglass board, mat, tissue contribute to decoration in ceiling, wall, floor, joint with its high strength, fire proof, acoustic, anti-corrosion, moisture proof.

Wall board / Gypsum board

New light-weight board for wall with high strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, and fire protection.

Thermal insulation

With excellent property of thermal insulation, fiberglass processed material are widely used for building, decoration, electric appliance, vehicles.


Filtering by fiberglass nonwoven and polyester nonwoven, as well as composite fiberglass filter.

FRP reinforce

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) are widely used in storage tanks, pipelines, construction, chemical engineering, automobiles and railway transportation, boats, electrical industry and communication engineering.


NJEFG Fiberglass Board has unique combination of abuse resistance and sound absorption, meanwhile, heat reservation, thermal insulation, fire-proofing, stiffness, light weight, bendable and easy cutting.


Polyester non woven is widely used for household such as kitchen, sofa, duster cloth, bedding lining, etc.


Fiberglass fleece and polyester mat are used as frame material for bitumen membrane, which offer high strength to waterproof membrane.

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)

Fiberglass mesh, self-adhesive tape, joint tape offers high strength to wall, marble, plasterboard.

Electric & Electronic

PCB fiberglass tissue is specially used as the base material in the copper-clad laminate of type CEM-3 by its smooth visual quality, excellent electrical feature, and heat resistance.

Pipe insulation

Fiberglass pipe wrapping material is widely used in oil, natural gas and other underground transportation pipeline.


Fiberglass and polyester composite mat, reinforced fiberglass mat, reinforced polyester mat all have high tensile strength, are used in paving, highway, airport.



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