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With professional R&D, lab and advanced producing line, NJEFG tailors product as per customer’s special specification and the expected characteristics of the end products, such as fire proof, waterproof, different colors, composite with Aluminium foil, etc.


Provide Solution

NJEFG provides total solution to customers. Customer expresses the application and expected properties of the end product, NJEFG analyse them and offers a suitable and workable solution, not only materials, but also technique.

Financing Platform

Cooperate with bank insurance institutions to establish a financing platform to provide financing services to customers through different payment methods.


  • Cooperate with the financing platform to make a good delivery schedule
  • Warehouses can be set up locally in areas where conditions permit

After-sales Service

  • Establish a rapid response mechanism and respond to customer feedback or complaints about the product within 24 hours. Provide solutions within 48 hours to ensure normal production use by customers
  • If it is necessary for us to provide technical support on site, we will arrange the presence of personnel in time.

Technical Support

  • Free to provide new production process and formula of waterproof membranes to help customers reduce costs
  • Free installation and commissioning of customer equipment and production troubleshooting services
  • Free waterproof base expertise to help customers choose the most suitable product.


  • Provide customers with cost-effective frame for waterproofing membrane
  • Tailor-made products for customers
  • Provide a variety of asphalt modifier products to support the new production process
  • Provide customers with other waterproof products to help customers expand their markets



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