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Fiberglass Production and Sound Absorption Applications

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Fiberglass is a glass material similar to the glass in our windows or the glasses we use to drink our favorite beverages. In modern life, the application of glass fiber can be seen everywhere. People know it differently. The best thing about fiberglass is that it is durable, unbreakable, very strong, and lightweight.

Here is the content list:

  • Production of glass fibers

  • Application of glass fiber

  • Sound-absorbing applications of fiberglass

Production of glass fibers

From the manufacture of glass fibers, the glass is heated until it begins to melt and melt. It is then further forced through the ultrafine pores. This gives us very fine glass filaments, down to the point of being measured in microns. This is the basis of how fiberglass can serve such a variety of uses. These filament threads are flexible and can be molded into a variety of complex shapes for many different applications.

Application of glass fiber

Fiberglass becomes a widely used material in all industries. In addition to being an excellent insulating material, fiberglass is also very cost-effective.


In our daily life, FRP products are used everywhere: subway bodies, auto parts, medical devices, ships, furniture, structural parts for construction and industrial projects, FRP pipes, etc. Why are the surfaces of these FRP products so flat and smooth? The use of fiberglass as the skin material for these products is a key reason.

Sound-absorbing applications of fiberglass

Fiberglass panels are used in building and decorative acoustic panels. After being coated with calcium powder, it is used as the surface layer of thermal insulation materials such as PU and rock wool boards. Fiberglass board has the advantages of being fireproof, waterproof, and mildew proof, smooth surface, uniform fiber dispersion, good weather resistance, and long service life. It is an ideal acoustic decorative material for residents and public areas.

Fiberglass panels are produced with unrivaled formulations and processes, and the thickness of fiberglass panels can reach 8mm to 10mm, and a layer of porous structure gives fiberglass panels a unique combination of sound absorption. At the same time, glass fiberboard has the characteristics of heat preservation, heat preservation, and fire prevention. Coupled with the excellent properties of stiffness, lightweight, bendability, and ease of cutting, further processing, and installation of fiberglass panels are very easy and simple. All these properties make fiberglass panels an ideal material for improving the acoustic environment, reducing heat loss, and making buildings fire-resistant.

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