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Fiberglass Tissue: Applications in Different Fields

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Fiberglass Tissue: Applications in Different Fields

Fiberglass is a glass material similar to the glass we have in our windows or the glass we drink our favorite slush in. But the best part about glass fiber is that it's durable, it's less brittle, it's very strong, and it's lightweight.

Starting it off with the manufacturing of fiberglass fleece, glass is heated up till the point that it starts to melt and is molten. It is then further on forced through superfine holes. This, in turn, gives us glass filaments that are very thin, thin to the extent that they are measured in microns. Interesting enough! This point is the fundamental base for how the fiberglass veil caters to such a diversified set of uses. These filament threads are flexible and can be molded into various complex shapes for many different applications.

Let us have a glimpse into the applications of glass fiber mats in various sectors of society.

Understanding how Fibre de Verre is durable, exceptionally safe, and offers high thermal insulation, fiberglass filter tissue is a widely preferred material in all industries. The main plus point is that apart from being an excellent insulation material, it is very cost-efficient. Here is its use in different sectors:

- Surface treatment of FRP products. In our daily life, you are using Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) products anywhere: Body of metro, car parts, Medical instruments, boats, furniture, structure parts of buildings and industrial projects, FRP pipes...... Do you know why the surface of these FRP products are perfectly even and smooth ?  Fiberglass surface tissue is used as the surface material of these FPR products are the key reason.

- PVC floor and Carpet: Fiberglass Tissue have a large scale of application in the field of decoration. Fiberglass floor tissue and fiberglass carpet tissue are used as the stabilize layer of the PVC floor and PVC carpet , So do not surprise that when you cut the PVC floor or PVC carpet, you will find that in the middle of the PVC these is a thin core layer which is fiberglass layer. The fiberglass layer absorb the PVC quickly and give the of PVC floor an even surface, efficiently avoid deforming of PVC floor and carpet. That’s why the PVC floor and carpet which used fiberglass as core layer will not be find deforming and bubble in the floor application.

-  Acoustic panel:  Fiberglass Board is produced with unparalleled formula and process, the fiberglass board can reach the thickness 8mm till 10mm, the one layer polyporous structure make the fiberglass board has unique combination of abuse resistance and sound absorption. At the same time, the fiberglass Board has the features of heat reservation, thermal insulation and fire-proofing. Adding the excellent features of stiffness, light weight, bendable and easy cutting, the fiberglass board is very easy and simple to be further processed and installed. All these features make the fiberglass board an ideal material to improve the acoustic environment, decrease the loss of heat and keep the building safe from fire.

- Internal wall decoration: Fiberglass facing tissue is used to cover on the surface of internal wall directly, which give the wall even surface and quality feeling. Fiberglass non-woven tape is used as joint tape for the wall boards joint connection and crack/hole  repair of the wall.  Coated fiberglass mat is coating the CaCO3 compound on the fiberglass mat.  The coated fiberglass mat is used as redecoration mat to cover on the surface of uneven wall directly, avoided removing the decoration layer. The coated fiberglass mat is a fast and easy solution to renew the wall.

- Filtration:  Fiberglass filter tissue is widely used in the field of air filtration. One of the  applications is to use the fiberglass filter tissue as frame layer and primary filter layer to attach with fiberglass paper. The laminated material is the functional part of the filter element.  The second filtration application is to use the fiberglass filter tissue in the environmental project to remove the VOC gas by chemical method.

- Wall boards. Fiberglass mat, polyester fiberglass mat and CaCo3 Coated fiberglass are idea covering material of wall boards. Use these material to replace the craft paper to cover on the surface of wall boards can efficiently increase the break strength of the wall boards, at same time it can give the wall boards excellent features such as water proof, fire proof, thermal insulation, mildew proof, scratch resistant and so on.

- Batteries: Fiberglass Battery Separator tissue is the go-to choice at all battery houses for being used as a separator of lead-acid batteries.

- Insulation: Fiberglass Black Tissue , Fiberglass Yellow Tissues and coated fiberglass mat are used as thermal insulation material to be use on the surface of insulation boards such as mineral wool boards and polyurethane boards, give the insulation board excellent break strength and other functional features such as fireproof and waterproof.

     -    Waterproof :  Fiberglass roofing tissue is used as core material of bitumen membrane. Also be used as reinforce material of waterproof painting. Bitumen can impregnate the fiberglass roofing tissue quickly, fiberglass roofing tissue hold and reinforce the bitumen.

All in all, fiberglass has many uses and is known to be the most substantial choice in all industries.



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