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Fiberglass Tissue

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Fiberglass Tissue

The need of every household and a must in every building construction, fiberglass tissue has been the talk of the town for ages. But what does it do? What is it used for? Let us help you put a full stop to your pondering! Fiberglass fleece is a fine matting that is similar to tissue paper. It is produced from glass fiber, be widely used in FRP composite surface applications and ensures smoothness and a clean look of colour to the surface. That isn't it; it also helps thermal resistance and ensures the durability of the product.

Fiberglass: Uses

Having diversified uses, this fiberglass veil acts as an excellent fiberglass pipe wrapping tissue. It is used for pipe insulation to ensure the correct temperature of water flowing through. Secondly, it is also a fantastic choice for roofing tissue. It is used to produce bitumen membrane or bitumen shingles – whatever serves the purpose well. Moreover, it is also used as a fiberglass floor tissue that produces PVC floors.  Apart from this, this is also an incredible choice for creating PVC carpets with long-lasting durability.

Coming over to its uses as a surface tissue, this is a go-to choice for many builders. Wondering why? As it is used for the surface treatment of Fiber Reinforced Plastic products. There's more to it – the fiberglass facing tissue can be used for internal wall decoration without worrying about leakage issues. Talking about wallboards and wallpaper choices, this fiberglass wallpaper and fiberglass facing tissue for wallboards are abundantly used to cover wallboard and internal wall decoration. Covering up acoustic boards is an issue in most households as well as buildings. This serves that purpose well too. Go for Fiberglass Acoustic Mat as it can be easily used as a surface layer of the acoustic board. The reason being that it is coated with CaC03 compound through a particular treatment.

Further, over to its battery use, this fiberglass battery separator tissue can be used as a lead-acid battery separator. Also, the commonly available black tissue is an excellent choice for thermal insulation. It can be for different materials; it serves as an insulation tape or insulation board, both. Lastly, fiberglass yellow tissue is also a good choice. It is widely being used as thermal insulation material to cover up the surface of the mineral wool board.

Glass Fiber Mat: Qualities

· Cost-Effective

· Corrosion Resistant

· Excellent Strength

· It comes with an amazing strength to weight ratio

· Has high heat distortion temperature

· The incredible quality of being electrically non – conductive

· Ability to be moulded to precise tolerances



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