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Fiberglass Tissue

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Fiberglass Tissue

It's fine, lightweight, strong, and above all, it's less brittle – Fiberglass tissue is a need at every construction site. Catering to a diversified set of requirements, fiberglass fleece can be easily molded into any shape. Taking this into consideration, it is easily understandable how fiberglass comes to use every day.

Be it fiberglass reinforced panels or fiberglass fleece, they are durable and long-lasting in every aspect. Here's a glimpse of how and where it is used.

1. Fiberglass Pipe Wrapping Tissue  

Fiberglass Pipe Wrapping Tissue is abundantly used to cover on the surface of steel pipe, being impregnated with bitumen or resin for the anti corrosion of the steel pipes.  Not only this, but fiberglass veil is also an excellent choice for under sink piping.

2. Fiberglass Roofing Tissue

It's excellent, water-resistant, and serves the purpose well – Fiberglass for roofing material is mainly used as a substrate for waterproofing materials. These include waterproofing membrane, asphalt, shingle, and much more. Having excellent waterproofing properties, this is characterized by high tensile strength, remarkable qualities of being water and corrosion resistance, its dimensional stability,  and easy saturation with bitumen. It is also used as reinforcing material of waterproofing painting.

3. Fiberglass Floor Tissues

The primary substrate material of plastic floor and PVC carpet. This might not be the case behind all, but the floor and carpet made with fiberglass floor tissue are more stable, have a smoother appearance, and come in bright colors with convenient laying. The common characteristics include uniformly dispersed fiber, smooth surface, less wool yarn, easy-to-coat PVC, stiffness properties, and folding resistance. Also, excellent dimensional stability is a plus point.

4. Fiberglass Facing Tissue for Wallboards

A Glass Fiber mat for wallboard is produced using the mixture of glass fiber and polyester fiber by the commonly known wet layout process. This excellent composition is the primary reason behind flexibility and stability in everyday use, making the wallboard mats more comfortable and smooth to touch. The polyester fiberglass mat gives the gypsum board remarkable qualities of waterproof, break strength, anti UV, anti-wrinkle, and anti-septic. The common characteristics include strong tensile strength, moisture resistance, mold resistance, and excellent air permeability.

5. Fiberglass Acoustic Boards

Fiberglass acoustic boards are the widely used for sound-absorbing panels that are placed on the walls, ceiling, and other places to absorb the noise and control the sound in a specific area, gives a quiet living environment. Glass Fiber acoustic boards has also features of excellent stiffness, light weight and be bendable, make it be easy mounting. The features of fire proof and formaldehyde make it be a environment friendly material, be suitable for the decoration market.  



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