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Glass Fiber Properties and Various Applications

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Fiberglass has a great application in the field of decoration. Fiberglass floor towels and fiberglass carpet towels are examples, so when you cut a PVC floor or PVC carpet, you will find a thin layer of glass fiber in the middle of the PVC. The glass fiber makes the surface of the PVC floor flat and effectively avoids the deformation of the PVC floor and carpet. This is why PVC floors and carpets with a fiberglass core do not deform and blister in flooring applications.

Here is the content list:

  • Characteristics of fiberglass

  • Various applications of glass fibers

Characteristics of fiberglass

1. The fiberglass is uniformly dispersed and the surface is smooth

2. Excellent bonding performance with coatings

3. Waterproof and weather resistance, long service life

Various applications of glass fibers

1.The glass fiber veneer paper directly covers the surface of the inner wall, making the wall smooth and textured. Fiberglass joint tapes are used as joint tapes for wall panel joints and wall crack/hole repair. Coated fiberglass mats are coated with a CaCO3 compound on the fiberglass mats. The coated fiberglass mat is used as a decoration mat to directly cover the uneven wall surface to avoid falling off of the decoration layer. Coated fiberglass mats are a quick and easy solution for updating walls.

2. Fiberglass filter media is also widely used in the field of air filtration. One of the applications is to use glass fiber filter paper as the skeleton layer, and the primary filter layer is laminated with glass fiber paper. The laminate is the functional part of the filter element. The second filter application is the use of glass fiber filter paper towels in environmental engineering to chemically remove VOC gases.

3. Fiberglass mat, polyester fiberglass mat, and CaCo3-coated fiberglass are ideal wallboard covering materials. Using these materials instead of kraft paper to cover the surface of the wallboard can effectively improve the breaking strength of the wallboard, and at the same time endow the wallboard with excellent characteristics such as waterproof, fireproof, heat insulation, and mildew resistance. Proven, scratch-resistant, etc.

4. Fiberglass battery separator paper towel is the first choice for all battery rooms, used as a separator for lead-acid batteries.

5. Glass fiber black paper towels, glass fiber yellow paper towels, and coated glass fiber mats are used as insulation materials for the surface of insulation boards such as mineral wool boards and polyurethane boards, giving insulation boards excellent breaking strength, and other functional properties, such as Fire and waterproof.

6. The fiberglass roof is used as the core material of the bituminous membrane. Also used as reinforcement for waterproof coatings. Asphalt can quickly impregnate fiberglass roof tissue, which retains and reinforces asphalt.

All in all, fiberglass has many uses and is recognized as the most important choice in all industries.


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