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High-Quality Fiberglass Tissue for Carpet Substrates

Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. offers high-quality Fiberglass Carpet Tissue as a durable substrate for carpets. Made from E-Glass fibers with intermediate diameters, this sturdy material is ideal for carpet backing.
Glass type:
Moisture content:
  • Fiberglass


Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. offers high-quality Fiberglass Carpet Tissue as a durable substrate for carpets. Made from E-Glass fibers with intermediate diameters, this sturdy material is ideal for carpet backing.

Product Description

Introducing Fiberglass Carpet Tissue

Fiberglass carpet tissue, produced by Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd., is a high-quality substrate designed for carpets. It offers a smooth appearance, non-shrinkage, and non-deformation characteristics, making it an ideal decorating material for residential spaces.

Key Features:

  • Smooth appearance

  • Non-shrinkage

  • Non-deformation


  • Enhances the overall look of carpets

  • Maintains its shape without shrinking

  • Provides a durable and long-lasting decorating material





Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. offers a high-quality material that is perfect for various applications. Our product features:

  • Uniform Thickness for consistent performance

  • Stable Dimension to ensure durability

  • Smooth Surface with minimal wool yarn for a sleek finish

  • High Temperature Resistance without deformation

  • Non-warping and Non-rotten properties for long-lasting use

  • Easy to Compound with PVC and other materials

Experience the reliability and versatility of our product for your projects.



Technical Data

Product Code Unit Weight(g/m2) LOI
MD Tensile Strength (N/50mm) CD Tensile Strength
Wet Tensile Retention MD(%) Moisture Content
F-DT40 40 ≤25 ≥120 ≥80 ≥60 ≤1.0
F-DT50 50 ≤25 ≥150 ≥100 ≥60 ≤ 1.0
Testing Basis ISO3374 ISO 1887 ISO3342 @25ºC/10min ISO 3344
Paper core diameter: 76/152mm


Roll Packaging: PE plastic film

Pallet Packaging: Pallets should NOT be stacked in more than 2 layers. Pallet is free of fumigation, fumigation certificate is available.

Customization: Cement coated fiberglass mat in the above table are the standard types Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. is delivering to customers. If a customer wants Compound mat in specific unit weight, tensile strength, roll width, and roll length, Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. can produce as per the customer's requirement, offering tailored service to customers from different countries.

Product Description: Cement Coated Fiberglass Mat

Our company, Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd., specializes in delivering high-quality reinforced cement coated fiberglass mat to customers in the Middle East and North Africa. With a wealth of experience in export delivery, we ensure top-notch quality in every shipment.

We welcome cooperation from customers worldwide and guarantee efficient delivery processes. The cement coated fiberglass mat is carefully loaded into containers at our factory, transported to the sea port, and shipped to your designated port by reputable shipping companies like MSK, MSC, CMA, COSCO, YANGMING, APL, and more.


  • Durable PE plastic film roll packaging

  • Reinforced with fiberglass for added strength

  • Coated with cement for enhanced durability


  • Ensured quality for long-lasting performance

  • Suitable for various construction applications

  • Global shipping options for convenient delivery


Product Description

Payment Options: We accept LC, T/T, CAD, PayPal, Western Union, and more.

After Sales Service: Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. diligently tracks every shipment until the customer receives and uses the cotton mat. We are always available to assist with any customer inquiries or requests.

Technical Support: Should customers encounter any technical issues, Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive knowledge to help find the best solutions. Our technicians can also be dispatched to the customer's factory for on-site guidance if needed.




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