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Fiberglass and nonwoven are widely used in the following fields.
Color polyester fiberglass mat for gypsum wallboard is produced from the mixture of glass fiber and polyester fiber by wet lay-out process, which gives the gypsum board excellent features of water proofing, break strength, anti-UV, anti-septic, anti-wrinkle.
With the excellent properties of fire resistance, water proofing, break strength, anti-UV, anti-septic, anti-wrinkle, coated fiberglass mat, polyester fiberglass mat are widely used for thermal insulation board, gypsum board.
Fiberglass board, mat, tissue contribute to decoration in ceiling, wall, floor, joint with its high strength, fire proof, acoustic, anti-corrosion, moisture proof.
NJEFG Fiberglass Board has unique combination of abuse resistance and sound absorption, meanwhile, heat reservation, thermal insulation, fire-proofing, stiffness, light weight, bendable and easy cutting.
Fiberglass filter tissue, polyester filter mat are used for the treatment and adsorption of natural gas, coal, oil and other combustion waste gas, as well as the filtration and adsorption of organic waste gas and air purification equipment with high strength, good resistance and easy adsorption.
Fiberglass roofing tissue / fleece and polyester mat, reinforced fiberglass / polyester mat, compound base are used as frame material for bituminous membrane, which offer high tensile strength, resistant to cracking, ageing and rotting to membrane.
Fiberglass mesh is the ideal construction material for EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system), widely used for wall reinforcement, also reinforce cement, plastic, bitumen, plaster, marble, mosaic, etc. People also call it soft steel bar.
Fiberglass roving, fiberglass chopped strands are used to reinforced kinds of plastic products, such as storage tanks, pipelines, construction, chemical engineering, automobiles and railway transportation, boats, electrical industry and communication engineering.
PCB fiberglass tissue is characterized by its smooth visual quality, excellent electrical feature, and heat resistance. Being uniquely compatible with an epoxy resin matrix, this type of tissue enables the CCL product to reach the specifications set by IPC-4130, it is applicable to industrial electronic devices.
Fiberglass pipe wrapping tissue, composite mat are welcomed materials in oil, natural gas and other underground transportation pipeline coating for anti-corrosion.
Fiberglass composite mat, polyester composite mat, fiberglass polyester mat all used as paving materials in highway, airport, bridge with very high tensile strength, tear strength, corrosion resistance, anti-root & ageing, easy soakage with bitumen.



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