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Sound Absorbing Tissue for Walls And Ceilings

Fiberglass facing tissue, produced by Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd., is a versatile facing material suitable for acoustic boards, gypsum boards, internal walls, glass curtain walls, and more. It is commonly used in public entertainment venues, star hotels, shopping malls, conference halls, offices, and residential buildings.
Glass type:
Moisture content:
  • F-TM


Fiberglass facing tissue

Product Description

Fiberglass facing tissue, produced by Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd., is a versatile facing material suitable for acoustic boards, gypsum boards, internal walls, glass curtain walls, and more. It is commonly used in public entertainment venues, star hotels, shopping malls, conference halls, offices, and residential buildings.

Coated with paint, this facing tissue offers exceptional fire resistance, waterproofing, anti-mildew, germ-proof, and anti-cracking properties. It serves as an ideal substrate for various building decorative materials, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.




Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. - Premium Wool Yarn Coated Surface Panels

Our panels feature a smooth surface and are made with less wool yarn, making them ideal for coating with a variety of paints. The fiber is uniformly dispersed throughout the panel, ensuring a consistent finish. In addition, our panels offer advantages such as sound-proofing, flame-retardant properties, and antiseptic qualities.

Tenical Data

Product Code Unit Weight LOI MD Tensile Strength CD Tensile Strength Thickness Moisture Content

g/m2 % N/5CM N/5CM mm %
F-TM40 40±4 ≤25 ≥130 ≥55 0.4±0.1 ≤ 1.0
F-TM50 50±5 ≤25 ≥150 ≥70 0.5±0.1 ≤ 1.0
F-TM60 60±6 ≤25 ≥180 ≥90 0.6±0.1 ≤ 1.0
F-TM90 90±9 ≤25 ≥400 ≥240 0.85±0.2 ≤ 1.0
F-TM100 100 ≤25 ≥450 ≥250 0.95±0.2 ≤ 1.0
Testing Basis ISO3374 ISO 1887 ISO3342 @25ºC/10min ISO 3344 ISO 3344
Paper core diameter: 152/305mm

Packaging & Shipping


Product Description: Fiberglass Floor Mat by Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd.

Storage: This product should be stored in a dry, ventilated, and rainproof place, with temperatures from 5ºC to 35ºC and humidity between 35% and 65%. It is recommended to be kept in the intact package when not used to avoid dampness.

Customization: Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. offers tailored services for Fiberglass Floor Tissue for PVC floor in specific unit weight, tensile strength, roll width, and roll length to meet customer requirements.

Loading: Normal export loading procedures are followed for efficient shipment.

Markets: Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. has a proven track record of delivering high-quality fiberglass floor mats to customers in the USA, EU, Middle East, North Africa, South Africa, and Asia.

Delivery: Fiberglass mats are loaded into containers at the factory, then delivered to the seaport, and shipped to the customer's port by reputable shipping companies like MSK, MSC, CMA, COSCO, YANGMING, APL, etc.

Payment: Accepted payment methods include LC, T/T, CAD, PayPal, Western Union, etc.

After-sales Service: Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. provides continuous support, tracking shipments until the customer receives and uses the fiberglass mat, offering assistance as needed.

Technical Support: In case of technical issues, Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. offers expertise and can send technicians to the customer's factory for guidance.

Company Profile

微信图片_20240411175027Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 as a professional in glass fiber and polyester fiber nonwoven mat. Our vision is to create a well-known international brand in the field of non-woven fiberglass material. We offer a range of products including fiberglass mat, polyester mat, coated mat, and reinforced mat that are used for waterproofing, filtering, wall decoration, gypsum board, FRP surfaces, and more. Our products are delivered to customers in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, the USA, and Latin America. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and excellent customer service.

At Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd., we have a team of professional engineers and advanced production lines that allow us to offer customization for special demands and develop new products for the market. Every employee at Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. is dedicated to their work and strives to provide active and highly efficient service, stable quality, and a reputable experience for our customers.

Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of products that cater to the markets of the Middle East, North Africa, southeast Europe, and North Europe. To ensure exceptional customer service, NJEFG operates branch companies and joint ventures in key locations such as Hong Kong, Algeria, and Iran.




Why choose us

Welcome to Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd.

As a leading supplier of fiberglass materials in China, Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing fiberglass and polyester non-woven fabric. We are dedicated to providing a wide range of high-quality products tailored to meet our customers' needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Customized, cost-effective products

  • Strategic planning and reliable solutions

  • Consultancy and guidance

  • Detailed implementation actions

Contact us today to learn more about how we can meet your specific requirements and deliver exceptional customer service.


Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. - Product Inquiry

Q1. What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
A: Typically, the MOQ is 10,000SQM or 1 Ton for glass fiber.

Q2. How can I request a sample?
A: Small samples are usually provided free of charge; customers cover shipping costs. Alternatively, you can use your DHL, FEDEX, EMS, or UPS account. Larger samples may vary.

Q3. How is quality control managed?
A: Our expert tech team and experienced workers oversee every step, ensuring top-quality fiber products from material selection to final packing.

Q4. Can products be customized?
A: Yes, we collaborate with customers to tailor solutions to their needs.

Q5. How long does quality checking a sample take?
A: Typically, a sample is ready within a week after finalizing specifications.

Q6. What is the delivery time frame?
A: Orders are usually delivered within 2-3 weeks post-confirmation, varying based on quantity and seasonal demand.

Q7. What are the payment terms?
A: We offer FOB, CIF, CFR, and DDU payment options.

Q8. Are all products tested before delivery?
A: Yes, we conduct a 100% quality check before shipping.




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