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The Advantages and Functions of Black Glass Fiber Mat

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The glass fiber black felt adopts a thermosetting resin-based environmentally friendly formula adhesive to tightly bond the composite fibers, with good color fixation, high strength, wear resistance, and effective control of fiber scattering. Black fiberglass felt has excellent flame retardant, sound absorption and noise reduction, and thermal insulation effect. Anti-fouling and water-repellent, effectively avoid the growth and reproduction of various microorganisms, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew. Especially suitable for high-speed, high-speed rail sound-absorbing barriers, perforated sound-absorbing panels veneer, good light absorption, and zero reflection.

Here is the content list:

  • The role of Black fiberglass

  • Advantages and applications of Black fiberglass felt

  • Please rest assured to choose NANJING EFG

The role of Black fiberglass

Black fiberglass is compounded on a glass wool board, which is a special material for heat preservation, sound absorption, and noise reduction. It acts on the lining of the glass wool air duct, absorbs the noise of the air duct system, reduces the loss of heat and cold on the air duct wall, and can meet the requirements of reducing energy consumption. requirements, greatly improving the indoor acoustic environment quality. It is especially suitable for environments with high mute requirements to improve sound quality and speech intelligibility. Such as high-end hotels, office buildings, clubs, and so on.

Advantages and applications of Black fiberglass felt

1.Antibacterial and mildew proof, the fiber is not easy to fall off.

2. Flame retardant.

3. Sound absorption, noise reduction, sound insulation, and thermal insulation performance.

4. Waterproof, oilproof, antifouling.

Used as high-speed rail, high-speed rail with sound-absorbing barriers, and perforated sound-absorbing panel veneer. Black fiberglass felt can also be used as air conditioner insulation panel veneer/glass wool panel veneer/ceiling back panel/solar flat panel heat collector panel veneer.

Please rest assured to choose NANJING EFG

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