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What is fiberglass membrane?

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    Fiberglass membranes are manufactured from 100% borosilicate glass fibers and include binder-free, chemically inert and binder-containing types. The purpose of adding binder is to enhance the mechanical strength of the glass fiber membrane. It is mainly used to filter coarse particles (such as macromolecular substances, dust). In order to avoid chemical reactions with the filtered substance, glass with inorganic binder is used when filtering organic substances. Fiber membrane, choose glass fiber membrane with organic binder when filtering inorganic substances. This depth filter membrane has the characteristics of fast flow rate, large load capacity and extremely fine retained particles, which can reach the range of submicron particles. The glass fiber membrane can withstand a temperature of 500°C, and can be used for specific gravity analysis and high-temperature gas filtration that require ignition.

    Grade GF/A: For high-efficiency routine filtration, including waste water pollution detection, for filtered water, algae and bacterial culture, food analysis, protein filtration and radioimmunoassay of weak beta emitters, recommended for particulate matter in air pollution monitoring Gravimetry, stack sampling and adsorption, etc.

   Grade GF/B: Used to retain fine particles, fast flow rate. Especially suitable for sample processing with high suspended fine particles in liquid clarification or particle quantification. It can be used for pre-filtration of fine particles before membrane filtration, as a stationary phase in LSC (liquid-solid chromatography), and for protein binding.

    Grade GF/C: Standard filter paper for collecting suspended solids in drinking water, natural water and industrial wastewater. Quickly and efficiently clarifies aqueous solutions containing small to moderately fine particles. Widely used in cell harvesting, liquid scintillation counting and binding assays when higher loads are required.

    Grade GF/D: A common membrane pre-filtration material that can be used with GF/B to provide a very effective graded pre-filtration protection for the membrane.

    Grade GF/F: Commonly used for DNA binding, adsorption and purification, protein binding, and the effect of filtering fine precipitated proteins is obvious. The combination    of GF/F and GF/D can be used as a pre-filter membrane to purify extremely difficult to clarify biochemical solutions, fluids and nucleic acids .

   Grade GF10: Commonly used in roll filter membranes in automatic air filtration devices.

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