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Why is fleece used in fiberglassing.

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                                         Why is fleece used in fiberglassing.

1. It is a reinforcing material

In the process of GRG production, gypsum slurry and glass fiber are used alternately, layer by layer. The glass fiber helps to strengthen the firmness of the gypsum block and prevent the gypsum from being scattered after solidification.

2. It has high temperature resistance

It has been tested that when the temperature reaches 300°C, it has no effect on the strength of the glass fiber

3. It has high tensile strength

The tensile strength of glass fiber is 6.3~6.9 g/d in standard state and 5.4~5.8 g/d in wet state.

4.It has good electrical insulation

Glass fiber has excellent electrical insulation and is an advanced electrical insulation material. It is also used in heat insulation materials and fire shielding materials.

5. It is not easy to burn

Glass fiber can be melted into glass beads at high temperature, which meets the requirements of fire prevention and control in the construction industry.

6. It has good sound insulation

The combination of glass fiber and gypsum can achieve a good sound insulation effect.

7. It’s cheap

Regardless of the industry, cost control is the most important link, and products with high quality and low price will definitely be favored.

Well, the above are the seven advantages of why glass fiber can be widely used in the construction industry. Glass Fiber is a very good substitute for metal materials.



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