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Is fiberglass good for soundproof

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Is fiberglass good for soundproof

Glass wool is a plate-shaped product that is processed by centrifuging molten glass into fibers and solidified by adding an environmentally friendly formula binder based on thermosetting resins. The slender glass fiber has a low thermal conductivity and can trap air well, thereby playing the role of thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, and safety protection. The glass wool board series has the characteristics of tight and firm material, smooth surface and strong pressure resistance, and the appearance is more crisp and beautiful after installation.

Glass wool can be mainly used in: roof insulation, cold insulation, sound-absorbing materials; building insulation, cold insulation; entertainment venues, theaters, TV stations, radio stations, laboratories, sound-absorbing treatment; air-conditioning pipeline freezing and heat insulation of refrigerated warehouses.

It can be processed into glass wool felt according to actual needs, saving space, reducing costs and avoiding unnecessary waste.

The sound absorption characteristics of centrifugal glass wool are not only related to thickness and bulk density, but also related to factors such as cover material and structural structure. In construction applications, it is also necessary to take into account many aspects such as cost, appearance, fire prevention, moisture resistance, dust resistance, and aging resistance.

In large spaces such as gymnasiums and workshops, in order to absorb and reduce noise, sound-absorbing bodies with centrifugal glass wool as the main sound-absorbing material are often used. Sound-absorbing bodies can be made into plates, columns, cones or other special-shaped bodies according to requirements. , The sound-absorbing body is filled with centrifugal glass wool, and the surface is wrapped with a sound-transmitting surface layer. Since the sound-absorbing body has multiple surfaces for sound absorption, the sound absorption efficiency is very high.

In the road noise barrier, in order to prevent noise reflection, it is necessary to take sound absorption measures on the side facing the vehicle, and centrifugal glass wool is often used as the filling material, and the surface layer is a barrier plate made of perforated metal plate. In order to prevent glass wool from absorbing water and getting damp outdoors, it is sometimes wrapped with PVC or plastic film.

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