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What are glass fiber single yarn and single yarn fabrics?

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What are glass fiber single yarn and single yarn fabrics?

  Before the 1960s, glass fiber industrial production using the crucible method of pulling raw silk, the number of holes in the leakage plate within 400 holes, when the infiltrant technology is not yet perfect, can not give the original filament adequate protection, textile filaments, most of the monofilament diameter of 5~7um, rolled mostly in the amount of 500g below. Therefore, the raw silk generally have to go through the initial twisting, and strand, re-twisting to further improve its textile process performance and application performance, which determines the textile processing with the crucible method must be adapted to use the stranded yarn and stranded yarn fabric manufacturing method.

  Since the 60's the pool kiln drawing technology rapid development, porous leakage plate sub-pulling technology of gradual improvement, a new generation of infiltration agent also makes the original silk performance has been improved, do not have to rely on and strand twisting to meet the textile process and application requirements, for the development of single yarn and single yarn fabrics and applications to create the conditions. At the same time, with the development of modern science and technology, high-tech applications also put forward higher requirements on the performance and quality of glass yarns and fabrics, for this reason, since the 60's glass fiber textile technology research and development of a whole set of manufacturing precision glass fiber products with a whole new set of processes and equipment, so that the glass fiber products can be entered into the electronics industry as a representative of the emerging industrial applications, to become the main raw materials. One of them. This new process, new equipment to produce product quality rose to a new level, and because of its high speed, high efficiency superiority, and gradually replaced the traditional production methods, which in turn promotes the development of pool kiln drawing technology, so that most of the textile yarn to shift to production by the pool kiln method. Now the raw silk for textile yarn above 5um can be produced by the kiln method. Pool kiln production process is stable, raw silk tex fluctuation is small, broken silk, less hairy yarn, the volume of rolls with the improvement of the level of drawing from the initial 2kg to 4kg, 8kg of rolls have been widely used, and to achieve a fairly high rate of full simplicity. At the same time, the new infiltrating agent raw materials, new coupling agent and new surface treatment methods continue to appear, so that the infiltrating agent and surface treatment technology has been further developed and perfected, all of these for the further development of textile technology provides the conditions. Glass fiber production process technology is in the various process aspects of technology innovation, breakthroughs, promote each other forward.

  As mentioned earlier, the development of glass fiber textile technology, but also thanks to the application of technological development to promote the 60's, the development of the chemical industry to promote the further development and application of new composite materials and the rapid rise of the emerging electronics industry is more on the renewal of glass fiber products play a role in promoting the role of fuel. Glass fiber yarn and fabrics from the general electrical insulation materials, industrial fabrics to expand to the electronic industrial fabrics and high-performance industrial fabrics and other new areas, and get good development. In particular, the electronic industrial glass cloth, because of its technical requirements of the most sophisticated and has become a modern glass fiber textile technology level of concentrated embodiment.



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