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What are the characteristics of polyester fiberglass cloth?

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What are the characteristics of polyester fiberglass cloth?

 Polyester fiberglass cloth can be applied to cement concrete pavement reconstruction, old road reconstruction and expansion project, asphalt concrete overlay, municipal road covering project, semi-rigid grass-roots level shrinkage crack disposal, waterproofing layer of bridge deck and so on. Polyester fiberglass cloth is a new glass fiber composite anti-cracking material, which is a composite geosynthetic material composed of 60% glass fiber and 40% polyester fiber. This unique combination provides the strength of glass fiber and polyester fiber flexibility, effectively playing its own advantages of efficacy, but without the disadvantages of raw materials.

Polyester fiberglass fabric has six major product features:

1. Delayed Reflective Cracking

Reflective cracks will appear on the pavement in a few months without the use of polyester fiberglass fabric. Polyester fiberglass fabric, with its low elongation and instantaneous tensile strength, can effectively eliminate the stress concentration in the pavement bond or cracks, reduce the expansion and upward reflection of the cracks in the pavement, and delay the generation of reflective cracks, prolonging the service life of the road, thus greatly reducing the cost of repair and maintenance.

2. Provide super waterproof layer

Installing a waterproofing layer under a hot mix asphalt pavement is one of the best ways to protect and extend road life. Crack-resistant fabrics of general materials will deform and be damaged at high temperatures. Polyester fiberglass fabrics are manufactured from non-woven fiberglass/polyester. It can withstand the high temperatures of modified bituminous concrete construction. This high temperature stability of Polyester Fiberglass Cloth will provide a continuous, non-deformable waterproof layer to the pavement, effectively preventing water penetration and avoiding damage to the pavement layer and the base layer caused by water penetration.

3. Can be completely crushed and used for road regeneration

Polyester fiberglass cloth itself has material properties that determine that it can be shredded and reclaimed for use. When milled, the polyester fiberglass cloth is crushed into very small fibers. This can actually enhance the properties of the recycled material. Other ripstop materials sometimes stick to the milling machine, resulting in costly downtime.

4. No crumpling

Polyester Fiberglass Cloth stays in place without warping or crumpling in high temperature construction environments.

5. Non-stretching

Polyester Fiberglass Cloth does not stretch during construction and installation.

6. High Temperature Resistance

Polyester Fiberglass Cloth can withstand temperatures up to 258 degrees Celsius, so it will not melt or become brittle when paving asphalt concrete.



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