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What Is Glass Fiber Continuous Primary Mat?

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What Is Glass Fiber Continuous Primary Mat?

  Glass fiber continuous filament mat is a new type of glass fiber nonwoven reinforcing substrate, it is a certain number of continuous glass fiber strands randomly dispersed into a non-directional ring form uniformly distributed on the mesh tape, by the interlocking mechanics of the original inter-filament interlocking and a small amount of binder bonded into the mat. Felt density is generally 225~900g/? According to the classification of the composition of glass fiber filaments, there are three kinds of glass fiber mats: C glass fiber mats, E glass fiber mats and A glass fiber mats; according to the classification of product usage, there are two kinds of mats: molded mats and pultruded mats; and according to the morphology of the filaments, it can be divided into two major categories: continuous filament mats and continuous monofilament mats. Because the product has isotropic, good expansion, scour resistance, good moldability, high mechanical strength, easy to discharge bubbles and other advantages, it is widely used in pultrusion, molding, winding, hand gluing and other FRP molding process. FRP products reinforced with this substrate are widely used in aerospace, chemical anticorrosion, automobile, boat, military, sports, building materials, electronics, electrical appliances, recreational appliances and other fields. Foreign research and development of continuous felt began in the early 1960s, the United States Owens Corning Fiberglass Company first applied to the metal to the molding process, and later developed other applications. In addition to Owens Corning, France St. Gobain company, British Glass Fiber Company, Japan Asahi Glass Company, the United States PPG company and other foreign glass fiber companies can also produce a variety of specifications of the continuous felt products, most of the international market for continuous felt is still occupied by the United States and France and other companies, due to the complexity of the continuous felt production process technology, high performance requirements, high patented technology, the relevant companies will be listed in the technology as a confidential technology range. The company concerned has classified the technology as confidential, and only provides products but not technology for sale to the outside world. According to incomplete statistics, the production capacity of continuous felt in the world is about 40,000 tons/year. Foreign countries mainly use the more mature "one-step" molding process, high product quality, high yield, low cost, while China combined with specific national conditions, the "two-step" molding process, the establishment of continuous glass fiber mat production line with independent intellectual property rights. The so-called "step method" is to first pull the original silk cylinder, and then transported to the yarn frame, the lead casting machine molding. It is different from the foreign "moving furnace method", "throwing wheel method," "impact plate method" and other direct throwing "one-step" molding process. The advantage is that the production is flexible, can be opened and closed at the same time, it is extremely convenient to change varieties, but there are also higher energy consumption, poor molding uniformity, poor bonding and other issues. The production process and equipment need to be continuously improved and enhanced!



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